Complete 1966 396 Chevrolet


Complete 1966 396 Chevrolet

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Complete 1966 396 Chevrolet

Block Casting Number: 3855961

Block Date code: D15 6

Head Casting Number: 3872702

Head Date Code: C 18 6

Winters “Snowflake” Intake Casting Number 3933163 (has been repaired, pictured)

Available with Vintage EELCO Finned Valve Covers pictured for $9500

Solid Lift Comp Cam 11-218-4 Advertised Duration INT 282 EXH 282 110 Lobe Separation

Comp 800-16 Solid Lifters

PEP Stainless Full Roller Rockers

APR Studs

Heads are gasket matched to Intake

Truck Rods, ARP Bolts


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